Check if local artifacts match products in passed link.

usage: in-toto-match-products [-h] -l <path> [-p <path> [<path> ...]]
                              [-e <pattern> [<pattern> ...]]
                              [--lstrip-paths <path> [<path> ...]] [-v]

Required Named Arguments

-l, --link

path to link metadata file.


-p, --paths

file or directory paths to local artifacts. Default is CWD.

-e, --exclude

gitignore-style patterns to exclude artifacts from matching.


path prefixes used to left-strip artifact paths before storing them to the resulting link metadata. If multiple prefixes are specified, only a single prefix can match the path of any artifact and that is then left-stripped. All prefixes are checked to ensure none of them are a left substring of another.

-v, --verbose

show more output

Default: False